21c Test Pilot

Vol 1 Issue 1, April 1997

Produced by Acting Communications Chairman Marvin V. Rush


Vision Statement

The EV1 Club is for EV1 drivers and their families. Its purpose is to be their voice. To promote the successful growth of the EV1 electric car in the United States and the World. To act as a network for information both to and from General Motors the manufacturer and Saturn Corporation the retailer. To encourage the development of the Magne-Charge inductive charging infrastructure. We share an interest in innovative technology and its implications for the future. We want to participate in shaping that future. Using technology, we will make a powerful contribution to the world. Together in friendship and support we speak for the most significant group of motorists driving into the 21st. Century. The EV1 Owners.

Historic Meeting

On Saturday April 12 the EV1 Club will spring to life. With a mission to tell the world about the unique merits of the EV1, this new organization will be the voice of the EV1 driver.

Meeting at the South Coast Air Quality Management District Headquarters in Diamond Bar, Calif.(SCAQMD), the EV1 drivers will have an opportunity to meet each other. Many for the first time. It is expected that over 65 EV1s and their drivers will be in attendance. More EV1s in one place than ever before. A truly historic event.

Preparations have been going on for several weeks. On Friday April 11, the first two Magne-Chargers were permanently installed at the SCAQMD in Diamond Bar. These chargers are part of the growing number of charging sites in our region.

The meeting will start at 2:00 PM. Mr. John Cox the Acting Chairman will welcome everyone and introduce Pat Ward, Team Leader for Saturn's Electric Vehicle Marketing Services. Next, Diane Whittenberg of Edison EV, will present an update on the charging infrastructure. Others making formal remarks will include Mark Selogie, Acting Technology Chairman, Mark Sterner, Acting Events Chairman and Marvin Rush, Acting Communications Chairman.

After the formal remarks all EV1 Drivers will be given an opportunity to introduce themselves and say a few words.

Letter Writing Campaign

There are four different letter writing strategies that we can exploit to help keep the revolution going.
  1. Write to companies that are friendly and need prodding to make the right decision.
  2. Write thank you letters to companies that have installed chargers. With encouragement they will probably install more. At the very least we owe them our thanks. When you write them let them know you will spend money at their establishment whenever you can.
  3. Elected Officials. Start with your local state representatives and then move on to the governor. We should be allowed to use the diamond lane and other HOV lanes. The governor has vetoed this twice. Perhaps the oil companies have his ear. We need to speak into his other ear. With all of our focused energy we will prevail.
  4. Government Agencies. Caltrans has Ride Share lots all over the southland. Most of these are marked by signs along the freeway. If we could get them to put chargers at these locations it would mean charging sites all along the main highways in Southern California.

Sample Letter

Dear Mr. Braly;

My name is Marvin Rush and I am a cinematographer at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. I currently work on Star Trek Voyager. Recently I spoke with Dave Hardin at Hawthorne Savings to ask him to whom I should write. He suggested you would be the best.

I want to thank you for being a leader in our region. Hawthorne Savings has installed EV chargers at its Manhattan Beach Branch and plans to open more in the future. This is exceedingly good news for me because I am one of the new owners of GM's EV1. Public charging is the key to helping this revolutionary, smog fighting, environment enhancing technology, grow into the mainstream. Wednesday, March 26, I used your charger in Manhattan Beach. Thanks. I have been a customer of Bank of America since 1972. However I will open an account at your bank in the near future. The companies that support public charging will get my business.

Several new EV1 owners have gotten together and formed an owner's club. I am one of the members. All of us agree that we will support the companies that are supporting us with chargers. At our next meeting I will share this good news and encourage all our members to show their appreciation by making Hawthorne Savings their first choice in banking.

On a more personal level, people often ask me about my new electric car. Most of them ask me about public charging. It really feels good to tell them about your commitment to the environment through EV charging.

You and your company have done a great thing. Visionaries are hard to come by. Thanks for being one.

A Note from Enid

(Enid Joffe is an infrastructure manager with Edison EV)

These folks should get a Thank You for their support of EV charging.

These folks fall into the "understand you are planning to put in charging" category. Send them a letter of encouragement and appreciation.

Earth Day Celebration

Our first major event in which we are participating, is the "Voice in the Park Concert and Celebration" to honor Earth Day. The Celebration is being held again this year at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach. This public event, sponsored by VOICE and the city of Manhattan Beach, will feature a display of EV1s and a gathering of EV1 Club members and friends.

Ed Begley, well known actor and environmentalist, will bring his EV1 and share his thoughts about Electric Transportation. Together with the club, SATURN CORPORATION will be offering a ride and drive at the local SATURN RETAILER, where the public will be able to get behind the wheel of an EV1.

EV1 club members will be available to speak with people about their car and how easy it is to drive electric. There will also be a raffle prize. The winner will be able to take home an EV1 for a weekend.

Working with VOICE (Volunteers and Organizations Improving the Community's Environment) and the City of Manhattan Beach, the EV1 Club will help make this years "EARTH DAY CELEBRATION" the most successful Earth Day event in the Los Angeles area.

Earth Day Buttons

Special Buttons have been made up for club members to wear at the upcoming Earth Day Celebration at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach. The idea behind the buttons is to boldly identify the EV1 drivers from the general public at the event. In this way interested people will know who to talk to. EV1 drivers will be able to share their experiences and excitement about their car.