Palace Hotel
[Pay parking]

2 New Montgomery St.
San Francisco

Chargers (lg paddle): 1
Map grid: 648-B5
Lat: 37.78881
Lon: -122.40092

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Get there by driving south on Montgomery or northeast on Market Street starting at Third Street or higher. Turn Right at New Montgomery (one way) and immediately get in the far left lane. Turn left at the alley. "Palace Parking" is on your immediate right.

They have a single wall-mounted Magnecharger mounted on the front center support post facing inside. There is access from the parking spots on either side. This is a valet-only garage, and they are open 24 hours. For charger status, call the Palace Hotel at 415/512-1111 and ask for the garage. They charge typical downtown parking fees ($18 max/day).

-- Richard Zulch 1/12/99