Civic Center Garage
[Pay parking]

355 McAllister St.
San Francisco

Chargers (sm paddle): 2
Cond. Chg: 1
Map grid: 647-J7
Lat: 37.78017
Lon: -122.41786

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Photo by Mark Laubach

This charger is in the Brooks Hall Garage under the park that faces City Hall. Enter from the south side of MacAllister between Polk and Larkin and go to the furthest right ticket dispenser. After you get your ticket, make the first right that you can and loop around to where the elevators are -- the charger is right next to them. There's one parking spot, next to a conductive charger. If there was no one in that spot, I believe the cord will reach to that space too.

Nearby: Newly refurbished City Hall, Davies Symphony Hall, Opera House Restaurants: Hayes Street Grill, Suppenkuche, Caffe Delle Stelle, Absinthe, Jardiniere, Indigo (all excellent)

Garage closes at midnight or 1 am depending on the night. Parking costs $, but it's reasonable.

-- Bob Ward 6/20/99