City of Santa Barbara - Downtown Lot #7
[Pay parking]

1115 Anacapa St.
Santa Barbara

Chargers (lg paddle): 1
Cond. Chg: 1
Map grid: 996-A3
Lat: 34.42318
Lon: -119.70247

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The Santa Barbara inductive charger is located in City Lot#7 at 1115 Anacapa St. The parking structure is at the intersection of Anacapa and Figueroa Sts. and is directly across from the Courthouse. Anacapa St. is one-way toward the ocean.

There are two entrances to the garage; one from Anacapa and one from Figueroa. To access the charger, enter the garage from Figueroa. The charger is on the first level, and is immediately on your left as you enter the garage. There are two EV charging slots; the first is conductive, and the second is inductive. The slots are extremely well-marked and signed for EV charging only; ICEing should not be a problem here.

The inductive charger is wall-mounted directly in front of its slot, so access from the adjacent slots is probably not possible. Unfortunately, the charger is only 208V/5.2 kW.

The first hour of parking is free; additional time is $1.00/h.

-- Bill Mason 3/5/99