Disneyland Hotel
[Pay parking]

1150 W. Cerritos Ave.

Chargers (lg paddle): 1 [5 kw]
Map grid: 798-H1

The Disneyland hotel charger is accessible only with the help of the Valet. It is in the basement which is past a security arm. There in only one charger which worked fine on my EV-1. As far as paying, there is an expensive parking fee so I recommend parking at the other charger located at the Paradise Pier parking structure (formerly Disney Pacific, Pan Pacific).

-- Pam Welty 8/10/2001

The Disneyland Hotel charger is on the first level of the underground parking garage under the conference center at the northwest end of the hotel complex. The conference center is a low building, not to be confused with the three highrise hotel towers. Entering from the north via Harbor Drive, you go down the ramp to the right. The wall charger will be on your right, about halfway down the row.

-- Phil Karn 2/29/2000