Mission Valley Mall

1640 Camino Del Rio North
San Diego

Chargers (lg paddle): 2
Map grid: 269-C2
Lat: 32.76848
Lon: -117.14885

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Site description: Mission Valley Center is an elevated open-air shopping mall on the north side of Camino Del Rio N, a frontage road that parallels the north side of the I-8 freeway. It has a Robinsons-May on the east end and a Montgomery Wards on the west.

Charger description: The chargers are in the ground-level covered parking garage below the mall, directly underneath the AMC movie theatres. (There is currently a banner saying "NORDSTROM RACK" just above the garage entrance, but it is probably temporary.) The wall above the garage entrance is painted purple. Enter the garage from the south and proceed to the raised island that splits the garage east-west. Follow the driveway to the left and around the first set of pedestrian ramps up to the mall level. The two wall-mount chargers are on your right just before the second set of pedestrian ramps. The spots are up on the island, but there are ramps to get you over the curb.

What to do while waiting: Lots of stuff - see a movie, shop, eat.

Notes: Though this site was rather confusing to find at first, it is rapidly becoming my favorite EV recharging stop. The parking spots are quite premium, and the walk up to the shopping level is very short. I'd really like to see more installations like this one.

Entry by: Phil Karn, 30 May 1998