San Diego Convention Center

111 W. Harbor Dr.
San Diego

Chargers (lg paddle): 2
Map grid: 289-A4
Lat: 32.70597
Lon: -117.16197

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Site description: On the waterfront in downtown San Diego, along the southwest side of Harbor Drive.

Charger description: Two wall chargers near the southeast end of level P1 in the convention center's underground parking garage. The chargers are between the pillars marked E11 and E12 in the yellow-coded section of the garage. One of the chargers is mounted directly above the ramp leading to the lower levels. The back of it is visible from the southeast entrance gate, but to get to it you must first turn right, go to the end of row C, turn left, and turn left again into row E. The chargers will be on your left near the end of row E. The chargers are obscured by a large yellow "P1" sign as you approach them, so just look for the E11 and E12 signs.

Parking fee: $1/hr, $8 max. During special events, $4 flat fee.

Hours: According to the gate attendant, the southeast gate is open from 6:30am until 10:30pm. The northwest garage entrance at Harbor and First Street is always open.

What to do while waiting: Lots. This is the heart of downtown San Diego, with the Gaslamp District a short walk away.

Phil Karn -- 8 July 1998.