Wells Fargo Plaza/Compass Mgt.
[Pay parking]

401 B Street.
San Diego

Chargers (lg paddle): 2
Map grid: 289-A3
Lat: 32.71672
Lon: -117.16025

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The Wells Fargo Bank Building is easy to spot as it is one of the tallest in SD. The parking is in the basement.

-- John Giroux 2/28/98

Site description: The Wells Fargo Plaza building is a tall brown and glass office building in downtown San Diego. It is at the southeast corner of 4th Ave and B street. There's an entrance from the left lane of 4th Ave, which is one-way southbound.

Notes: The garage containing the charger is open to the public only on weekdays until 7:30pm. It was closed on the saturday when I came by. A security guard gave me this info over an intercom.

Entry by: Phil Karn, 30 May 1998

[Primary info is on Phil Karn's website]