Scripps Green Hospital

10666 N. Torrey Pines Rd.
La Jolla

Chargers (lg paddle): 1
Map grid: 207-J6
Lat: 32.89947
Lon: -117.24275

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Site description: Along the west side of North Torrey Pines Road, north of John Jay Hopkins Drive and south of Science Park Road. Going southbound on North Torrey Pines you can turn into the complex at the sign marked "deliveries and receiving". Going northbound, you can enter at John Jay Hopkins and drive through the main pay parking lot to the garage.

Charger description: One pedestal charger inside the beige multi-level parking garage halfway up the complex. It is on the south wall of the garage, inside a gated employee-only parking area on the ground level, next to the elevators. The attendant at the pay parking booth can call security who will come and open the gate. You can return to Torrey Pines Road without passing the toll booth.

Parking fee: $1 per half hour, $8/day max for the pay parking lot. But you don't have to pay this if you can get into the employee section.

What to do while waiting: Not much. Nice view of the ocean.

Entry by: Phil Karn, 3 June 1998