Saturn of El Cajon

541 N. Johnson Avenue
El Cajon

Chargers (lg paddle): 2
Map grid: 251-E4
Lat: 32.8006
Lon: -116.97073

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(619) 444-7200

Site description: On the east side of Johnson Ave, immediately south of the I-8 freeway. There's an exit onto Johnson from I-8.

Charger description: Two pedestal chargers, one near the entrance to the service department on the south side, and one behind the service department on the east side. The latter is surrounded by old engine blocks and assorted refuse, but is still accessible. Both are working.

What to do while waiting: The Parkway Plaza mall is a very large indoor shopping mall just north of I-8 and east of Johnson. It's a 10 minute walk from the Saturn dealership. There's a pedestrian walkway on the east side of Johnson as it goes under the freeway. On the west side of Johnson, north of I-8 is a Home Depot. Several other smaller shops and restaurants are nearby.

Notes: This Saturn dealership, like all the others I've seen, has a non-functional charger that is part of an EV1 display. Don't let it fool you.

Entry by: Phil Karn, 30 May 1998