Costco Carlsbad

951 Palomar Airport Road

Chargers (lg paddle): 1
Chargers (sm paddle): 1
Map grid: 126-J3
Lat: 33.11991
Lon: -117.31535

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The chargers (2) at the COSTCO in Carlsbad are now in and working. COSTCO is located in Carlsbad on Palomar Airport Road only a few 10ths inland from I-5. The landmarks are: Pea Soup Anderson, Car Country Carlsbad Auto Mall and the flower fields.

-- John Giroux 1/19/98

Charger Description: Two pedestal chargers in the parking lot next to the food court and tire center at the southeast side of the building.

What to do while waiting: Pea Soup Anderson's and a Hadley's are one block away. There is an excellent Greek Food resturant across from Hadley's, a European Deli, and a great Produce Market where I spent $20 just on produce! Great strawberries and Corn! The deli next to it has an impressive array of fresh and smoked meats! Take a cooler!!

Notes: This is one of my standard stops going to or coming from San Diego. Hadley's is a deal. Free samples of food,Restroom and phones... a salesman's dream!

Entry by: Cecil McLester, 2 June 1998 (Phil Karn's list)