City of Pasadena
[Pay parking]

150 East Holly

Chargers (sm paddle): 2
Cond. Chg: 1
Map grid: 565-H4
Lat: 34.14746
Lon: -118.14638

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Photo by Phil Karn 3/5/99

The EV chargers are free. They actually can't be reached from Holly St. but rather around the block from Holly on Union. The two chargers are exactly to the right at the entrance and are excluded from the pay parking of the ICE vehicles.

-- Don Devlin 11/6/97

They are located at the exit from the garage on Union St. (one-way westbound, and one block south of Holly), and you enter the chargers from that exit.

There were 3 chargers. There was no charge for parking as indicated on the Edison EV list.

-- Bill Mason 5/4/98

The two spaces in the Pasadena parking garage at 150 East Holly Street had pay meters when I checked last Thursday. The price was 6 minutes per nickel.

-- Jordan W. Smith 5/7/2001