EV1 Bay Area Rollout

Tuesday, Mar. 31, 1998


Saturn Introduces the First EV1 Electric Vehicles to the Bay Area

Photos by Greg Hanssen. Press release text provided by Michael Lewis, news editor for CALSTART.

Some EV1 owner impressions of the event:

SAN FRANCISCO, March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- It's coming: you just can't hear it. However, San Francisco Bay Area residents, will be able to see, test drive, and lease it -- the General Motors EV1 electric vehicle -- through five local Saturn retail facilities beginning Tuesday, March 31.

Today, Bay Area EV1 customers will join a growing group of electric vehicle owners when they take delivery of the first EV1s available locally during a ceremony on Treasure Island. EV1 owners, who are usually leaders in their respective industries, are environmentally conscious individuals, and carry adopters of technology and innovation. In addition, owners are attracted to the two-passenger coupe because of its quietness, over-all uniqueness, performance and the fact it's fun to drive.

"EV1 owners are people who want to drive the future today -- we offer them that opportunity with this technologically-advanced car," said Frank Pereira, GM EV1 brand manager. "This car, which is the most aerodynamic production car with a .19 drag coefficient, really speaks to those who have a desire to be in the forefront of directing the evolution of technology," he added.

The EV1, the first modern-era passenger car developed specifically as an electric vehicle and brought to market by a major automaker, reinforces General Motors' commitment to technological and environmental leadership. It is the most energy-efficient vehicle platform which boasts an acceleration of 0-60 miles per hour in less than nine seconds. Virtually every system in this vehicle demonstrates innovations in design, processing and materials that create an entirely new class of automotive transportation product focused on energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.

The joint ceremony, sponsored by the five Bay Area Saturn retail facilities leasing the EV1 - Saturn of San Francisco, Saturn of Concord, Saturn of Fremont, Saturn of Marin and Saturn of Capitol Expressway - also signifies a significant contribution to improving the environment, and further developing a partnership with local municipalities and companies in the Bay Area.

The EV1, a zero emissions environmentally-friendly car, is powered by proven battery technology and is controlled by seven major on-board computers.

Currently, the EV1 is available at 32* Saturn retail facilities in six market areas including the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, and Sacramento, with approximately 350 cars already on the road.

The initial marketing and advertising efforts will create awareness and generate enthusiasm among the general public about the EV1. Those seeking more general information about the car will be able to gain it through regional newspaper, magazine and billboard advertising. In addition, people can also surf the web site at (http://www.gmev.com) or take advantage of subject matter experts who staff the 1-800-25-ELECTRIC phone number.

Direct marketing programs will be used to reach the more serious intenders. They will also have the benefit of a dedicated electric vehicle specialist who will act as a consultant through the leasing process.

The car will be offered through a 36-month GMAC lease at a capitalized cost of $33,995. The capitalized cost on which the consumer's lease payments will he based can be considerably reduced by available federal, state and/or local financial credits. For example, a 10% ($3,400) federal tax credit for electric vehicle owners reduces the capitalized lease cost to $30,595.


Proud new EV1 owners line up to accept their cars.


The record setting (183 mph+) Impact was on display. The sign inside says DO NOT EXCEED 190 MPH IN 1st GEAR.


In addition, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and California Energy Commission will provide an additional $5,000 "buy-down" credit, resulting in a $25,595 capitalized cost. The approximate monthly payment to a consumer is $399 including the wall mount 220-volt Magne-Charge(TM) inductive charger. Installation fees are additional.

The EV1 will be available to area customers through a $399 per month lease with the first month's payment of $399 due at signing. Total lease start-up costs average about $2,900 (includes first month payment, taxes, registration and charger installation, but can vary depending upon complexity of installation, age of house, etc.).**

The EV1, including its battery pack, is covered by a 3-year/36,000-mile "bumper-to-bumper" new car limited warranty. Warranty service will be available exclusively at Saturn facilities leasing the vehicle.

Infrastructure is an integral part of the continued success of the EV1. Saturn, GMATV and Edison EV, the authorized charger distributor and preferred service provider, are working closely with interested parties to develop a comprehensive inductive public charging network to meet the drivers' needs. GM has already committed to spend $750,000 for the development of Magne- Charge(TM) inductive public charging sites in the initial launch markets.


* The number will increase to 33 when Capitol Expressway opens April 1998.

** The M.S.R.P. of the EV1 is $33,995. The monthly lease payment ranges from $399 to $549 depending on government incentives available in the region. There are a limited number of incentives available for the EV1 in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the Bay Area, the lease is $399 per month for 36 months. The lease is for 3 years / 30,000 miles and includes the cost of a 220 volt (6.6 kilowatt) wall-mount charger. Lease start-up costs average about $2900 - includes first month payment, taxes, registration and charger installation. Charger installation costs can vary depending upon complexity of installation, age of house, etc.

SOURCE Saturn Corporation
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