'99 NiMH EV1 Impressions

Don Devlin

The following writeup is taken from the EV1 Club email list...

Date sent: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 11:21:27 -0800
From: Don Devlin
Subject: [EV1-CLUB] EV1 with NiMH Battery. Extraordinary, fabulous

Only last week, in response to a persons request for advice on driving from LAX to Thousand Oaks, I added my comment along with others, that he should count on no more than 40 miles per charge IN CITY driving. Every person I know who drives primarily in Los Angeles city has said roughly the same thing 40-45. around 3 1/2 to 4 miles per bar. With the many unresolved problems dealing with public charging I was finding it harder and harder to recommend the EV1 to friends, relatives and strangers who would use the car primarily in the city.

That's all over!

Constance and I began testing a new EV1 with NiMH on Thursday. We determined not to attempt to get maximum range, but rather to try and duplicate the same CITY ONLY driving that we did on most days. This proved difficult as we ran out of both patience and City. In traffic, over hills It was absolutely amazing, awesome.


Lead acids: (historical)

  • 3-1/2 to 4 miles per bar.
  • 38 to 44 miles per charge
NiMH batteries:
  • (96% start charge) 11 miles per bar.
  • 122 miles per charge.
  • Charging Time:
    From 39% to 100% 3 hours exactly.
    (39% to 60% in one hour)
The next day we took a trip that we had to make and had never been able to do in the EV1, before. Our trip was to Broad Beach (Trancas) in Northern Malibu (No public chargers) from our home in Hollywood Hills and back again. This would take us through the city to the ocean (PCH) and then up the many rolling hills to Malibu, 37 miles. We passed Malibu Colony (27 miles) as the second bar disappeared drove another ten miles up some serious hills and the third bar disappeared as we arrived at our destination. The way home we took Malibu Canyon which has many ups ands downs through a small mountain range. On to the freeway. Off at Laurel Canyon and over the Mullholland top and down to Hollywood. Back up a steep Hill to our home. We arrived home after 78 miles with 4 bars left. Again averaging 11 miles per bar.


NiMH batteries (100% start charge)
11 miles per bar - 122 miles per charge
Charging time: From 32% to 100% (3 hours and 15 minutes )

All Charging began immediately on inserting paddle. The car felt great and appears to have better rolling abilities. It also seemed to be quieter. Thursday was 85 degrees and so we experienced a rather hot summers day. The air conditioning is incredible. One notch on air conditioning and one notch on fan produced a cold car very quickly. So cold, in fact, we had to turn the air conditioning off or open windows on several occasions.

On flat roads and highways the 99' EV1 with NiMH should routinely get 140 to 180 miles. Its a sensation. We can't wait for our new car.

Huge congratulations to everyone involved. A revolution in Electric vehicle range. Now, for crying out loud, lets tell everyone about it!

Don Devlin

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