Photos from the
Saturn Homecoming
in Tennessee

Photos and text by Bob Sexton

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Email from Bob Sexton:


Here are some of the Pics. We think that this is the biggest event yet that we have done yet. At least one that had Saturn product only. :) We had lots of fun and enjoyed all the reaction we got from the fellow Saturn owners.

The biggest surprise was from the Team Members that build Saturns. We were taking the plant tours in our EV1 uniforms. The line works would see the logos on our shirts and stop working and walk over to us and asked if we had an EV1. When we explained why and what we did within the project they all had about 20 minutes of questions. The first tour that Chelsea and I went through was a 40 minute tour. It took us almost an hour and half to finish it. We answered a lot of questions. It was a great feeling to have such a positive reaction from people who make cars. Not once did someone tell me that we should install a big sail and fan on the car to make it go farther.

On our next tour we took along with us the Life Savers that we giving out at the EV1 display. We had a blast giving them out to the Final Assembly Teams. This group thought we were nuts!

Photos below by Bob Sexton
(click on images to see larger versions)

Entrance to the Homecoming Event
Homecoming Plates!
EV1 Awards Display
EV1 Display Views...
Familiar faces: Saturn EV1 specialists Amy, Tiffany, and Chelsea