EV1 Club members help celebrate Marc Zorn's l-o-n-g quest for an EV1


Marc Zorn's New EV1

16 Jan. 1999

On Saturday, January 16, some of the LA area EV1 Club members joined Saturn of Santa Ana to congratulate Marc Zorn for reaching the end of his long quest to lease an EV1.

EV1 Specialist Jaci Stanton delivers the (symbolic) keys to the EV1 to Marc.

Of course, Marc couldn't drive off without the traditional rousing send-off by the Saturn crew...  

Marc currently holds the unofficial record for taking longest time to decide to take the plunge! He says he officially started the process on Dec. 5, 1997 (at the first birthday party for the EV1).


If Marc's name sounds familiar, it's because for well over a year Marc has been renting an EV1 whenever he had the chance (when getting his Saturn serviced) and visiting charging sites to record the charger latitude and longitude coordinates with his GPS receiver for use in the club's charger list.

Marc's friend and EV1 owner Greg Hanssen gets the honor of the first ride around the block with Marc. (Greg didn't take quite so long to decide to lease an EV1.)

Red seemed to be the "in" color to honor Marc on his special day.

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