San Francisco
49-mile Scenic Drive

June 12, 1999

EV1 Club
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Steve Oddo spent many hours working on route directions. He had made a tape recording (four hours long!) during his test drive. Steve went through several revisions, as the published and sign-posted route was changed after his test drive. Many EV1 owners had suggestions for modifications to the route, to avoid other events planned for the same day, and to make shortcuts available for those who might be low on charge. Steve was very flexible and accommodating. The route changed right up to takeoff time, and even during the drive as we encountered heavy traffic, fire engines, and road construction. We got started late, so we shortened the route for all to conserve charge and be sure we got back before dinner.

The route is basically a loop which starts near the Bay Bridge (small green dot to the northeast of the end of the bridge) and proceeds counterclockwise around San Francisco along the route marked in red/yellow. The start/end was selected to accomodate charging the 28 EV1's participating.

When I was thinking about how we were going to keep (more or less) together and keep everyone on the route, it occurred to me that nearly everyone has a cell phone, but there would be chaos if everyone was trying to call Steve Oddo in the lead car. I got the idea of using a "meet-me" conference line. I called AT&T, and discussed the idea. AT&T graciously sponsored a toll-free conference line that was available during the entire drive. It was really fun to hear everyone talking as we went along, to be able to check on directions from the leaders, and to hear last-minute route changes. This conference line helped a lot to keep the anarchy and confusion somewhat under control, and made the whole experience more fun.

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