"Welcome Home Kris" Event 6/27/98

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Another great GM/Saturn- sponsored event with the EV1 Club... food, fun, and lots of EV1 energy! Prospective EV1 buyers had a great opportunity to take test drives and talk to club members and find out that the EV1 is not just a car -- a whole adventure comes packaged along with it.
Attendance was excellent, with members coming from as far away as San Diego, the Bay Area, and Sacramento (a lot of time was spent by all to match faces to email addresses). 42 EV1's were reportedly counted in the parking lot!

EV1 Club President John Cox (left) with the honored guest, club member Kris Trexler. Kris looked pretty relaxed, having spent a couple of weeks recovering from his hectic trip. He spent many hours driving, talking to people, and updating his web page each night, but did very little sleeping!.

John also honored a whole crowd of EV1 supporters who have been enthusiastically supporting the club in one capacity or another!


Saturn was also pleased to deliver a second EV1 (red) to the first two-EV1 household. The first EV1 (silver) already has 23,000 miles on it. Clearly, the EV1 works for some people!


Also on display was an EV1 with its unique Du Pont "Chrome Illusion" paint job (a $5000 option!). Depending on the lighting source and angle, the car can appear to be virtually any color. It's sure to turn heads, but what do you put down for color when applying for insurance?

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