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June 2006: Chris Paine's movie is out! See http://www.evconfidential.com/ to find out where and when it is showing.


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* requires paid subscription

January 2005 Update: Reports still occasionally come in regarding EV1's in use by GM employees in New York on one hand, but the crushing of cars continuing on the other hand. Check out http://www.evconfidential.com/ to see an effort to document the life and death of the EV1.

Death Row: Awaiting destruction...


EV1 Graveyard

From an anonymous contributor comes confirmation of GM's scorched-earth EV1 policies. These photos were taken in December 2003 at GM's Desert Proving Grounds in Mesa, AZ.

Click on images to enlarge.

... and after the hammer has fallen

EV1 Funeral - 7/24/2003

  The last few EV1 drivers bid farewell to the EV1 at a funeral held in Los Angeles. Read the LA Times coverage (or view the text version) and view the photos and video clips (links below).  

Video clips require the RealOne player, available free from real.com.

GM Pulls the Plug on Inductive Charging

An official letter from GMATV explaining that the charger conversion efforts funded by GM have been terminated due to the CARB decision to standardize on conductive charging. Click on the pages at left to read the letter from GMATV - Torrance Operations.


GM Pulls the Plug on the EV1

EV1 Drivers have already heard from GM that the EV1's will no longer be leased after current leases run out. For those who aren't drivers, click on the pages at left to read the "Dear John" letter.
... on the other hand, GM offers lease assumptions for cars which have had leases terminated early. Hurry! This may be your last chance to drive an EV1! Click on the page at left to read this letter.

4-seater EV1.


Thank you and Best Wishes to Southern Cal EV Specialists Jaci Stanton, Chelsea Sexton, and Howard Stuart for your enthusiasm and service beyond the call of duty!


Charger Paddles, Gen 2+

GMATV and SMUD begin the switchover to the new small paddle standard.

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